Saturday, 25 April 2015

Negative World Podcast 075 - Marth, the Gateway amiibo

Welcome to the Negative World Podcast! This one is quite unusual as it's part two of our many-hour discussion about the April Nintendo Direct. Stephen (DrFinkelstein) is once again (obviously) joined by Andrew (Zero) and Joe (Ninsage) to finish up their discussion from Episode 74.

By the time this episode aired, Joe's SJFC Smash Bros. Tournament had commenced and boy was it fun! Look for some thoughts from Joe himself in Episode 76 as I'm sure he'll talk about it. You can, and should, still go visit Child's Play Charity to see how you can continue to help their cause.

Specifically in this episode the gang discusses Mario Maker, Yoshi's Woolly World and definitely 'amiibo'. DrFinkelstein has a couple of amiibo-related stories to share which paint the unfortunate picture that Nintendo has painted for themselves. Afterwards there's even more talk from Nintendo's future, so check it out!

Instead of a break this time, the episode will end, but please stay tuned as HammerLord joins us for a special segment where we celebrate his Super Smash Bros. Tournaments from the website and hear his thoughts on the series. We're thankful to have such a well-seasoned player in our midsts.

There is no break music in this episode but you'll find Zero's theme music still in it's place.

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