Saturday, 26 March 2011

Negative World Podcast - Episode 005 - Hot for a rotund Mario

Nintendo nerds gather once more to discuss the topics they love most!

DrFinkelstein finally returns to the podcast he helped conceive! It is a decision he may yet regret, as it apparently shattered all of the convictions he had about Achievements in games!

What the smerd!? We explore the seedy world of gaming magazines, specifically Nintendo Power, and wonder if they have their use still, in a world where games don't have codes or obtuse design anymore. Are Nintendo Power writers still not allowed to say anything nice about the Genesis?

Pandareus thinks it's a good idea to analyze Mario 3DS based on 4 screenshots and a logo. The crew for today's podcast is a weird bunch. "Floating blocks are cool"? What?

Finally, GameDadGrant decides to talk about the differences between Nintendo's handheld and console strategies. The crew gets off-topic and decides to mock each other for the DS model they use or for not having played Link's Awakening (a character flaw that many will be able to solve once that game is available on the Virtual Console service!).

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Monday, 14 March 2011

Negative World Podcast - Episode 004 - Really Winging It

Triumphing over busy schedules and general apathy, the Negative World crew brings you the fourth installment of its epic podcasting saga.

Peppy‑le‑Fox asks the all-important question: is backwards compatibility really as important a thing to have as all the whining on the internet when a new console doesn't have it would lead one to believe?

Pandareus scratches his head and wonders what a Nintendo gamer is supposed to go out and buy during this Wii drought. No, he's not looking for something to play, just like many gamers his shelves are crumbling under piles of unplayed games. But for compulsive game acquirers everywhere, this drought situation is untenable!

Mr_Mustache could have talked about a variety of topics, being the multidimensional onion that he is, but it was made clear to him that if he didn't talk about sports games on the Negative World podcast, no one ever would. Stay after the end song for bonus sports talk!

Finally, Paleo_Orca returns for a second appearance to try and figure out what Augmented Reality is good for, beyond virtual pets and shooters. Will he find the answer he is looking for? And did he really just manage to be on a podcast without once mentioning marine life?

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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Negative World Podcast - Episode 003 - (laughs)

You are listening once again to the Negative World Podcast for some reason. Let Anandxxx, Triforcebun (author/artist of Brawl in the Family!), the awfully quiet Abdooooo and as always your host Pandareus delight you with their varied topics: Nintendo's Blue Ocean strategy; how RPG elements are dumbing down games; the best uses of motion controls (though as expected we spend 50% of the time bitching about them) and do lives, continues and gameovers have their place in games today still?

The music is different this time but still comes from your lovable despotic site owner, Zero. And stay tuned after the podcast for a surprise celebrity guest!