Saturday, 16 April 2011

Negative World Podcast Episode 007 - Back in glasses-free 2D

It's back to the usual format for the Negative World crew in the wake of the 3DS launch.

Guillaume is forced to accept a truth that had been staring him in the face for a long time, now, but that he cannot escape any longer: he is the last person on Earth to still care about the Wii's Virtual Console. The rest of the crew manages to muster some excitement for the potential of the 3DS virtual console, however!

Deathly_Hallows makes up for his absence in the special 3DS episode (due to mic problems) by talking about Ridge Racer 3D, as well as backing the host's positive opinion of Steel Diver.

JKR (of Fred the Monkey fame!) decides that for his first appearance on the podcast, he should tackle the very non-controversial topic of Nintendo's stance on the iTunes App Store and its effect on the gaming industry for developers and gamers.

Finally GelatinousEncore, having already discussed his favorite Nintendo franchise in the first episode, decides to talk about his second favorite, Metroid, and the franchise's decent into linearity and female obedience.

The opening music comes from your lovable despotic site owner, Zero, with original lyrics by JKR!
The closing music is an awesome remix of the Brinstar theme from Super Metroid, from NWer Autokymatic.

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