Saturday, 30 April 2011

Negative World Podcast 008 - Bear with us

On this chapter of the Negative World Podcast, listen to four Nintendo nerds discuss video games, for a change!

Guillaume wonders what happened to role-playing games, and role-playing gamers. Hear him admit to the world that he may have judged Final Fantasy VII unfairly (but its clones still suck)

Chrisbg99, inspired by Negative World's Adventure Island review, asks about difficulty in games: most of us can agree that gamers have it too easy these days, but do we really want to go back to the days of hair-pulling difficulty?

Octorockin, ever curious to learn more about the gaming industry, asks why more games don't include special features: commentary tracks, documentaries, and other bits of info about the process of making the game we're playing.

Finally, Marsh shares his conclusions as to why he is not more interested in the 3DS than he is and asks why we play video games. Everyone seems to agree that playing games is simply rad, save for one. Can you guess who it is?

As usual, the music comes from Negative World's owner and dictator, Zero. (The lyrics are gone this time).

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