Sunday, 24 July 2016

Negative World Podcast 090 - The Cheeseburger Censorship

Welcome to another episode of The Negative World Podcast! This time Joe (Ninsage) and Stephen (DrFinkelstein) go it alone without a guest and for that, the show is a little shorter than normal. Well, the format is a little different too.

Joe and Stephen start off with some banter around the new Nintendo NES Classic Edition. Then they discuss Japan's new Kirby Cafes. They wrap things up with a mention of the new amiibo functionality coming to Animal Crossing: New Leaf as well as a bit of banter on the notion of retroactively adding amiibo functionality to games.

Once the break hits you'll find familiar music if you like to catch em' all… Joe and Stephen take time to dissect their experiences with Pokemon GO, Niantic and The Pokemon Company's new phone app. Both gentlemen have had ample time with it and discuss the social aspect they've faced as well as the glitches they've encountered. As someone who walked three miles tonight in hopes of catching a Psyduck, it seems the Pokemon GO hype is not GOing anywhere.

Negative World's site owner and operator, Zero provides the intro and outro. The 'break' music is a key track from Pokemon GO.

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