Monday, 26 May 2014

Negative World Euphonic: Extra Credits 1

It's been a long hiatus and somehow the return of the Negative World Euphonic podcast lands on Memorial Day! In this 'season recap' episode, Joe and Stephen take a look back at the first five episodes by picking a song each from all ten previous themes. The catch is that these songs didn't make it into the original shows and now is their time to shine!

A slew of Negative Worlders get their picks heard in what makes for a packed episode... packed with music!

What do you think of the songs picked for this episode? Were there others that should have gotten the new light? Let us know!

You can comment on the music, the show, etc. on Negative World, Facebook or, Twitter.

Enjoy the show!

Full list of episodes

Negative World does not own the rights to any of the songs featured on the podcast. This is a non-profit appreciation podcast and the rights belong to their respective owners.

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