Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Negative World Podcast 059 - Nintendo Indirect

It's been a long cold winter... and it's been hard on the ol' Fink. He hopes you enjoy this long overdue episode feature and the company of his buddies Joe (Ninsage) and Grant (GameDadGrant).

There are just a ton of games to talk about this episode. Project X Zone, the Pokemon Bank, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Mario Golf: World Tour, Mario Kart 8, Yoshi's New Island, and Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy for starters... and that's me only listing every other one!

Between what we've been playing and what was in February 2014's Nintendo Direct, there's just a ton to discuss... so much so that we don't even have a break for a song. Of course still we have to give a big thanks to Zero for the theme music.

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Enjoy the show!

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