Thursday, 7 November 2013

Negative World Podcast 055 - Tadpole in the Family

Episode 55 is a special episode indeed, and not just for repeating numbers...

DrFinkelstein and Ninsage sit down with Negative World's own TriforceBun (Matthew Taranto) in an extended interview.

For the first half, the trio discusses Matthew's webcomic, Brawl In The Family... which as of this podcast publishing contains 525 comics! The second half of the show is an in-depth look at the heart and soul of Matthew's new game, Tadpole Treble. He just launched a Kickstarter and so far it's going strong. Will you support Matthew and Tadpole Treble? You can do so at the Tadpole Treble Kickstarter Page. Listen to find out what makes this music-rhythm game unique and why it isn't quite a prequel to Blaster Master... despite the hopes and dreams of Ninsage.

A big thanks to Negative World's creator, Zero for the theme music. This episode lacks interlude music, but the special inclusion you hear at the start is actually a piece of Matthew's The History of Nintendo, a special animated webcomic he did for the 400th comic milestone.

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