Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Negative World Euphonic: The K.K. Slider Special

It's a mere four days from the release of Animal Crossing New Leaf on 3DS. To celebrate this wonderful fact of life, Ninsage joins me, DrFinkelstein, in the first ever special edition of the Negative World Euphonic podcast! In this episode we dive into ten K.K. Slider songs from the original Animal Crossing game for the Nintendo Gamecube. Between each of these we discuss not just the songs, but the series itself, and I spend some time debating with Ninsage on why he should get his feet wet for the first time.

We hope you enjoy this special edition. There was no word of it's coming and no prior nomination/voting thread. This is just pure celebration! So kick back and enjoy... the coolest dog-musician gaming has ever known... and his wildly unique vocal ability.

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Enjoy the show!

Full list of episodes

Episode Available in Both .mp3 and .m4a formats. Enhanced version contains chapters for each song.

Negative World does not own the rights to any of the songs featured on the podcast. This is a non-profit appreciation podcast and the rights belong to whoever owns them at the time of release, most likely Nintendo.

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