Sunday, 6 November 2011

Negative World Podcast 020 - Punching keeses in the face

A very special episode of the Negative World Podcast this week! Special guest Julius Riecke talks about the ongoing development of his homebrew NES game, Super Bat Puncher! Play the demo now to have fun with physics and punch bats with a giant spring-loaded boxing glove! And don't miss bonus Riecke after the closing music...

Then, Guillaume and Stephen a.k.a. DrFinkelstein find themselves alone to talk about Mario Kart Wii, Picross DS, Layton and Kirby.

Moving on to the topics, Stephen hopes to discuss The Legend of Zelda franchise with other excited fans, but finds himself locked in a room with only "killjoy" Guillaume. To make matters worse, Guillaume then decides to rant about an iPhone game no one cares about, and proceeds to mercilessly attack the capitalist system in Animal Crossing, another one of Stephen's favorite franchises!

Most unusual: the theme music comes directly from the Super Bat Puncher soundtrack by Dave Harris. The end music turns out to be an OCRemix by our very own Cubed777! And of course, the music throughout the episode comes straight to you from the Zelda franchise.

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